Tuesday, July 17, 2018

New Audible Book - Anti-Matter - Available Today for FREE when you open a new 30-Day Trial Account at Audible.

New Audible Book - Science Fiction Blockbuster Available TODAY ~

. . . of my new Science Fiction Thriller - Anti-Matter.  
You'll be glad you were one of the FIRST.

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people?  There's no shortage of heart-rendering stories of the human experience from thousands of years ago, right up until today.

How many friends have you lost?  How many times have you been beaten down by the 'Man'?  How many times have you lost your way in life?  

This new book tells the story of one man and one woman who finally figured out that it was not in their stars that they should be separated in space and time, but in the Anti-Matter floating all around our planet.

This book is for anyone who has ever wondered 'Why?'  
As well as for those who also wondered 'Why Not?'

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Anti-Matter Available for Pre-Orders NOW - What Happens when Anti-Matter invades your piecie of the Universe?

Anti-Matter by Michael Mathiesen - Classic SciFi at its best.

When things go really, REALLY BAD - perhaps we can put it down to Anti-Matter.  And when things go really, REALLY GOOD, maybe it's hitting someone else!

We used to say:  "In every life, a little rain must fall."  But, it's not a few drops of harmless water that impacts our lives so greatly.

It's anti-matter.

Anti-matter impacts the universe in which we live by annihilating any normal 'matter' that we know and use every day.  Anti-matter can be an electron with the opposite charge and spin (Positron) or a proton with the opposite charge and spin, (Anti-Proton) or a quark with the opposite charge and spin, (Anti-Quark)

Anti-matter then combines into anti-atoms and these can form into anti-molecules, which in turn can induce anti-events, the opposite kinds of events that you would want in your life.

There's no avoiding it.  Anti-matter is everywhere.  It was created at the opening moments of the Big Bang.  We have long known about it and we use anti-matter in the form of Anti-Electrons to perform modern miracles of medical science.  (Positron Emission Tomogrpahy  or PET Scan)

The only thing we don't understand is why there is so little of it created naturally in the universe.  If matter and anti-matter were created equally in this universe, everything would be annihilated and the universe simply could not exist as we know it.


Anti-matter is only a small fraction of the total matter that exists in our universe, I believe, because there is a FORCE - see The Greatest Force - that is the controlling factor.  This means it's not random, but a guiding principle of Nature.


This book is all about how one person came back from the most pervasive attack of anti-matter in history.  Anti-matter hits us many times like a huge blizzard.  Sometimes, it's a gentle rain.  

Some day, we may even collide with an anti-matter star.  

IF you have ever wondered why your life has gone the way it has, or if you ever wonder where it may be going - you need 

You can begin reading Chapter One NOW ~


I guarantee if you start this book, you will not be able to put it down.

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The book is organized into THREE PARTS

  • Chapter One    - The Anti-Matter Ray
  • Chapter Two    - The Anti-Matter Bomb
  • Chapter Three - The Anti-Matter Star

IF - you love classic Science Fiction as much as I do - you will love this book.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

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My latest Audible Book and also in Print.

What will happen when humans are able to place their consciousness inside an Artificially Intelligent machine?  Could it be the biggest Evolutionary Divergence since the DINOSAURS?

"You'll never find a more highly rated Audible Book of this stature."

Our species is about to jump off the cliff or go down a path of a completely new, more advanced and intelligent creature - which path we choose is largely up to you.

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Let's have you get familiar with my work.  My latest Audible Book 

What will happen to the Human Race when we all convert our Consciousness into that of an Artificially Intelligent Computer?

Prior to this book, I published:


My latest book - My Cosmic Brain - On Amazon NOW - What's in my Cosmic Brain needs to be consumed by your cosmic brain - Let's GO - Here's to the 2nd Big Bang.

   My Cosmic Brain - by Michael Mathiesen  New Science Fiction for those who yearn for a better future.  It's coming! My Cosmic Brain is...