The God Particle Bible

The God Particle Bible

Everyone can remember the day when computers were not as advanced as they are today and they would get what I would call ‘Kludged Up’.  Something in their memory banks would lock your computer up and you would not be able to work any longer, with your mouse down and the keyboard offline, your last image on your monitor frozen in time. After several of these unexplained occurrences you would learn that if you merely did a 'System Reboot’, simply turning it off and then on, or hitting the reset button, the computer would come back to life after a couple minutes and work as normal. In fact it would usually come back better than normal because in the system reboot your computer's memory would be wiped clean are there any viruses or malware.

In the early days of personal computers it might take 5 or many times 10-15 minutes before your computer was finally completely turned on and ready for your input.

Thankfully as operating systems evolved and got better and better at their jobs the need to reboot our computers in order to bring them back to normal has dwindled even though we still have to do this every so often. But one has to wonder today what exactly is an 'Operating System’? And the basic answer is that an operating system is the core programming, the basic fundamental set of rules, regulations and laws that all subroutines must follow when called into action by the owners or the operators of their computers.

The rapid adoption of computers a few decades ago was largely due to the fact that new operating systems had been devised by people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates that would gradually become more and more 'User-Friendly. Some of us can remember the excitement when we discovered, as a shocked society, that suddenly there were these very complex machines capable of outthinking us and performing much of our jobs for us with us simply having to learn how to 'Point and click’. This was the single greatest invention of our entire history on the Earth. It would lead to an even more major breakthrough when they were able to network these amazing machines so that every one of them could communicate with every other one, regardless of where they were on the Earth. The Internet, then became, of and by its own evolution a separate operating system where our species is now largely thinking ‘Outside The Box’. The future, it seemed, would be limitless.

But suddenly, largely due to a biological form of a virus, our new operating system of global proportions has locked up. The former operating systems of physical laws and regulations, programs, what we have called the ‘Social Compact’, has ceased to be useful and it does not compute in the same language as more modern operating systems within the new framework of the Internet has allowed. On the Internet, for example, we can all agree or disagree on a person, place, event etc. rate it, vote either Pro or Con on it, and give it sustenance, or take sustenance away and this can all cycle through to its logical conclusion in a matter of seconds.

In the Real World, it can take months, years or even decades for our elected leaders to make up their minds and arrive at something that is a rare creature today, a decision that is in the best interests of the the rest of us. Our country is largely holding us back and ignoring the best interests of the majority of us and so we’re largely making the most important decisions without them now and we have moved on. However technically, the old rules and regulations, the coding of our nation’s laws are still in control and this schism between the old and the new rules is showing signs of coming apart and decaying to the point where we can all see the need for a complete system reboot.

To many of us, the system reboot of our Civilization is going to be much more painful than the system reboot of our computers and Internet appliances. Historically, this level of system reboot has usually meant the loss of millions of lives in very violent and horrific ways, such as in the American, French or Russian Revolutions.

The Revolution we’re seeing today can and must be far more peaceful and beneficial and since it may be the last one ever needed on this scale, it must be far more cost-effective and productive. After this system reboot that we are all experiencing today, we must end up with a completely newly re-designed and streamlined and modernized operating system, a set of rules, codes and regulations that allows all of us to be invited guests, equal players in a new global prosperity that is open and free to enjoy and revel in, a new civilization that excludes no one, that shares all of the Earth’s resources equally with anyone who chooses to obey the rules and who will eagerly do their part to preserve and protect the Earth and all of her creatures.

This massive amount of change in our expectations producing the world’s first global operating system, based on cooperation and unity, friendship, toleration, equality and trust, the brotherhood of man will not only require all of our technological prowess. It will also require a completely new level of human consciousness. This means we not only must change the fabric of our society for the better, but we must also change the DNA of the human mind. We must all learn to forgive and forget age-old grievances against one another and literally give them up for the good of the whole. We will have to abandon our most destructive personal traits and favor those traits that allow for a completely new model of human that may someday be classified as a new species.

This new kind of system reboot will not be easy and it will be so novel an idea that the vast majority of us may even fight it, thinking that there is more to lose than to gain. However, gradually, it will become clearer and clearer to more and more of us that there is much more to gain than will be lost and slowly and gradually the majority of minds will move into this new operating system without hesitation and adapt to it as a child so easily adapts to his or her first days in school.

This book is designed to serve as one’s first school book, a primer if you will, that may prepare us all for a day when we no longer think of other people as external organisms that initially evoke fear in us, and replaced this tired and worn out reality with a new reality based on love and a peaceful and tranquil understanding that we are all one organism, separated only by artificial physical boundaries put there by those who know how to control us by herding us into groups like sheep or cows.

In this book, we will attempt to outline and promulgate a new kind of human compact, a new operating system, that will still allow for individuality, greatness, genius, inventiveness, the highest expression of creativity and prosperity, but all of these things in association with the dignity of and sacredness of all human life and all other life forms on this planet, because until we put the purest and highest form of management of the Earth as our highest priority, then everything that the Earth has created will be in jeopardy, as we ourselves today, on the brink of disaster, the edge of a Final Extinction. Meaning that there will be no going back. Final Extinction is just that ‘Final’.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you may have noticed that our civilization has been completely and irrevocably altered. The governments of most of the nations of the world have forced a complete economic shut-down and ordered us to “Shelter In Place”. This means that only essential businesses, ones that basically feed us and provide us medicine and health care are allowed to stay open. The rest of us are supposed to sit around and isolate ourselves going out only to get groceries or medical supplies. Of course, the governments are claiming that they are ordering us to remain at home only for our own safety. They do not want more of us to die of this disease.

But, if that’s true, why do they not take similar precautions every flu season to protect us from the thousands of deaths that are caused by the more familiar flu virus? Why don’t they force us to drive slower to prevent us from killing millions of people, many of them, children, on the streets of our cities. If they, the government are so worried about our getting killed by random events, why don’t they proclaim all of the hundreds of wars going on all over the world and punish those who take up the guns, cannons, jet bombers, tanks, navy ships, etc?

The government doesn’t really care about us. We all know that. But, they seem to be caring about us more during this time in history than any other time. I asked myself why this is? And the answer came back to me that this year, 2020, is the most contentious year politically in the history of this nation and even in the world as a whole.

Never before have we faced such a wide split in the way that people think and act. Nearly half of us appear to be intolerant of other humans who may have a slightly different skin color. The other half of us believe that we are all created equal and that God would want us to treat one another with fairness and equanimity and kindness, the same kindness that we would want for ourselves. Half of us live their lives following what is known as the ‘Golden Rule’ - ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’, as taught to us by one of humanities greatest teachers, Jesus of Nazareth some two thousand and twenty years ago. We do so without having to go to Church all that often. The other half of us, who ironically profess to study the words of the Bible more than the rest of us, can’t seem to remember this great teaching and focus their lives on making everyone who was born to less than the favored status feel inferior and unwanted - even at times at the resorting to violence against people of humbler origin than ourselves.

Because I keep thinking about this half of humanity who are what I would describe as arrogant, egotistical, self-centered and hateful, which probably stems from millions of years of Evolution, mainly the propagation of fear and the quest for power by some, I can recognize that there needs to be a complete system reboot of Human Consciousness. Only then, will the economic system reboot become completely successful.

For whatever reason, our old economy is dead. It was defeated by the smallest of things that we know about, a virus, unless you want to talk about the atoms and molecules that make up the body of a virus, which we will be getting into later. As I write these words, Congress has passed a bill that will send us thousands of dollars per month for the next year or two and they say MORE is coming.

Not to worry, there will be a new form of civilization that will rise up out of the ashes, but we want to be sure and when it does arise our new civilization will be able to stand up to the challenges that we will be thrusting upon it from centuries of greed, avarice and conspicuous consumption. 

We can tell that the old civilization has died because governments all over the world are telling their people to stay at home and that they will pay their citizens to stay home and abandon their workplaces. This desperate situation has never been accomplished before and you know things are bad when the government in just a few days is able to pass SOCIALIST LEGISLATION that they have been resisting for decades. This situation is far worse than we know. They are hiding something from us and the proof is that both Republicans and Democrats are UNANIMOUS in the last few days on giving us all enough money to survive without working and sustaining the economy. One has to wonder if they have a new type of economy in mind for us all and this is just their way of introducing it to us - because once we all accept this money - none of us can go back to the old system where the government had a budget and could only spend money that had been allocated after a long slow process of deliberation and legislation, which always takes decades to resolve.

Case in point: Medicare For All. Over 90% of the American people in poll after poll over the last several decades have been in favor of Medicare For All. However, we still don’t have it. We have a few political candidates talking about it to be sure, because it is an election year, but everyone knows that no one will deliver it for at least another ten years or perhaps even twenty or fifty years.

However, now that they have created this amazing precedent of giving us all thousands of dollars per month, to STAY HOME and keep ourselves safe from the Coronavirus, Medicare For All could be the next big change that happens and within a few short weeks. If they’re giving away the store, why not give it ALL UP? Why not send us all a monthly stipend of $2,500 per month, upon attaining eighteen years of age, for the rest of our lives as they are now doing in several European countries. This way, the government could eliminate millions of government workers who administer what we call ‘Welfare’ services such as food stamps, unemployment insurance, Social Security, Disability, etc. This could save trillions of dollars over time because all citizens could pay for all of these things out of their monthly allowances.

This makes us all Socialists, but it’s not anything close to the way that we used to think about Socialism. In the old days of Socialism, the government was taxing the rich and giving it to the poor in the form of services. Everyone still had to work. Everyone had to be productive and contribute something to society every day. This no longer true. NOW, we can all sit at home watching TV and playing video games and the government is not taxing anyone. They’re just printing money.

Eventually, this new Quasi-Communist system the government has forced on us will fail and we’re going to have to go to all get to work inside of a model that is new and viable. But what is that system going to be?

It’s this author’s opinion that a new DEFAULT Economy has been setup with no one really in charge. This may be the FIRST in HISTORY where the intention of the FRAMERS of the new Stay-At-Home Economy didn’t really plan for it, but the actions they took launched the biggest change in our political and economic EVOLUTION.

The old saying: “Be careful what you wish for.” AND “Watch out for unintended consequences of what you do.” Are very applicable in this year of 2020 A.D. because it is the first time in our long history as a civilization that a new kind of GOVERNING Economic Principle was caused by a VIRUS and all governments of the world’s reaction to it.

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