Friday, May 14, 2021

Voter Suppression, Insurrection, Stolen Elections, Colonial Pipeline Breached, Constant Pandemics, Worsening Climate Crisis - One Blockchain WIll Stop All That and Provide More Than Ever Before

You've heard all about BITCOIN - based on the Blockchain

WELL - now you're going to hear about the Blockchain Government

The ONLY WAY to save our planet and our society.

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Nothing can get done in Congress to save us due to the Two-Party Opposing Each Other system of eternal arguments over NOTHING.

ONE MAN - who calls himself the Grim Reaper can STOP ALL PROGRESS in American Law-Making


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Forgets about the Constitution.  Forgets about the PEOPLE

HOW did we get here?  What can we do about the AUTHORITARIAN CONTROL that this government has over the VAST MAJORITY each and every day?

 Announcing The Blockchain Government


Maybe we go for a Global Constitution at the same time.

global constitution

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