Sunday, July 5, 2020

Audible Books for Dummies - EVERYONE on the planet should understand the SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES that will change all of our lives

Best Audible Books for those who want to learn something new

Let's start with the God Particle - what do you know about it?

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God's interest in us did not start at the Garden of Eden.  It all started at The Big Bang
The story is still unfolding.

Does it have a happy ending?

ONLY IF we show that WE CARE

How the Cosmic Consciousness of the Universe finds its way into our own.


Listen to one of his books today and RECOMMEND to FRIENDS


There is no better form of entertainment than one where you are required to use your mind instead of starting at constant images of huge explosions and un-believable violence done by robots to other robots.  We all need to upgrade our intelligence before it's too late.  Avoid the mass-produced pablum in all media today produced by people looking to make millions off of your boredom and apathy.

INSTEAD start to think about our species.  Are you going to commit mass suicide like the lemmings running hysterically of the cliff?  Don't be a total numb and dummy.  Don't turn your family into a pack of numb and dummies.

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