Sunday, June 28, 2020

New Audible Book - Coming Soon - Remaking Humans - how to edit human DNA to leave the worst of the human being behind.

COMING in a few weeks

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HOW to edit human DNA so that the worst elements of the Human Being are left behind and we can finally EVOLVE into the kind of higher Consciousness we were intended to be.

We now have the technology to edit out all kinds of things that we know are BAD for the future of Mankind.  We cut out of our DNA the areas in our Code of Life that programs us to be impacted by the worst life-threatening diseases like Cancer of all types, Alzheirmer's, Parkinsons, Diabetes, etc.  Even the brain diseases that make us CRAZY can be uncovered today and snipped out of our individual DNA code.   New synthetic forms of DNA have been manufactured so that we can play around in our own code just as we do in the 'CODING SAND BOXES' to prove a theory before launching it into the real world.  

We've also created new laboratories where anyone can order a complete copy of their DNA for less than $100.  The first mapping of human DNA cost over 100 Billion Dollars.  Today, you can get your complete code on your computer for less than $100.  This just shows you the progress we've made in the last 20 years.  Imagine how the next few years will allow us to work on your DNA and mine to make us better people.

NOW -  The only question left for us to consider, is WHO do we leave behind as we break away from NATURAL SELECTION and start to evolve under this ARTIFICIAL SELECTION?

Who do you think we should leave behind?

SEE my PREVIOUS BOOKS to get your background research on this.

Especially - The 4 States of Consciousness

It turns out that our thinking is all due to the Electronic State of Consciousness that has evolved into what we think is our own.


The God Particle Bible

When the Physicists using the Large Hadron Collider announced that they had uncovered The God Particle (Higgs boson) - I knew that the world had finally been put on a new spirituality one based on scientific evidence - not just fairy tales - handed down to us by the biggest 'exagerators' in history.



The Green New Deal - The Rise of Democratic Socialism

Most people are brainwashed today by the Politicians to think that Socialism is the same as Communism.  Of course definition would make the USA the biggest Communist state in history.  Ludicrous on its face - we make the necessary correction to the "Mistake" that they make in order to keep us all in the dark.

The fact is the USA is currently a Socialist state - over half the people of this country now collect some kind of Social Security from the government.  Does that make us Communists?  Of course not.  Would anyone want to go back to NAKED CAPITALISM - the survival of the fittest and the most ruthless?

I think not.  Get educated before the steal everything including your gold tooth fillings.  

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