Sunday, May 31, 2020

Greatest Scientific Discoveries explained NOT for Dummies but for true intellectuals.

The Greatest Scientific Discoveries are ones that we can all understand - and must understand quickly.

Albert Einstein once said that "The most INCOMPREHENSIBLE thing about the universe is that it is COMPREHENSIBLE".

This experiment below where they shot electrons through two narrow slits demonstrated that when we observe the universe - it changes!

Think about that for a minute.

This means that for every pair of eyes attached to a brain, the universe is different.  It's also similar enough that we can teach each other our impressions of the world and we walk through a commonly accepted set of principles.  Yet, at the same time, the universe is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FOR ALL OF US.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.  

Therefore - the greatest TRUTH of all may be that  there is no real universe as we come to believe it.  We may be creating the universe minute by minute, second by second, all throughout our lives.  This living illusion is just the opening scene in a much larger play that we participate in throughout eternity.  The universe lives briefly but effectively and persistently throughout the time that we are observing it.  It may be there only to teach us a simple lesson.

'The Hand Of God' Nebula - 1.8 billion light years away.

We have made the most advanced scientific discoveries simple and easy to understand for those who are not Dummies, but have the intellectual wherewithal to follow a simple line of reasoning.  

My new formula to make it all EASY to understand everything you need to know about Physics - 'Zero to the power of Infinity = Any Number in the Universe'.  In other words, there is nothing in the universe, nothing so big or so small that cannot be reduced to ZERO.

This is NOT Rocket Science.  It's easy.  Trust me.  Meditate on the above images for a few minutes.  Eliminate all distractions for just 15 minutes and let it all sink in.  Then, tell me what you learned.


Michael Mathiesen - Author and general all-around dreamer.

Thanks very much for your kind attention!

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