Wednesday, May 2, 2018

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My latest Audible Book and also in Print.

What will happen when humans are able to place their consciousness inside an Artificially Intelligent machine?  Could it be the biggest Evolutionary Divergence since the DINOSAURS?

"You'll never find a more highly rated Audible Book of this stature."

Our species is about to jump off the cliff or go down a path of a completely new, more advanced and intelligent creature - which path we choose is largely up to you.

Please keep coming back for more Titles.  I have hundreds of books also available in Print.  Just search Amazon for my name - Michael Mathiesen to find them all.  I'm adding titles DAILY.

Let's have you get familiar with my work.  My latest Audible Book 

What will happen to the Human Race when we all convert our Consciousness into that of an Artificially Intelligent Computer?

Prior to this book, I published:


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